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About Us

Who we are

Our institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing a wide-array of business services and training to Washington’s vibrant green industry.  The institute has a highly skilled team of certified physicians, business leaders and attorneys that make us uniquely qualified to transform knowledge into action, with real results for students and store owners.

Our core mission aims to foster an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and ensures equal opportunities for all employees and customers within the 502 community. We acknowledge that diversity and inclusion are ongoing commitments, and we will continuously evaluate and refine our strategies to create a workplace that reflects the diversity of our communities and promotes equity and inclusion for everyone.  Proceeds from our courses will go towards our DEI objectives and to provide assistance to our social equity partners.


Established 2014.

Meet the Professors

Dr. Venessa Wahler ND

Dr. Katrina Iiams-Hauser ND

Dr. Xochitl Palomino ND

Attorney Henry Chae JD

Business Advisors and Real-Estate Professionals

Tiffany Phan

RJ Realubit – Anchor Commercial Properties

Founder & Executive Director

Don Le