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Level 2: Executive Budtender Course 2024 (10-CEU)

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Executive Budtender Certification  –  10-CEU

Who should take this course?

Budtenders, Medical Marijuana Consultants, and future cannabis workers.

Upon completing this online course students will receive:

  • Medical Consultants will receive:  10-hours of continuing education credits (CEU) to renew certifications
  • Budtenders will receive: The Executive Budtender Certificate
  • Eligibility for the Master Cannasseur Designation after completing all required courses*

A Cannabis Connoisseur is an individual with a vast knowledge in anything related with Cannabis. This individual can tell you everything there is to know about cannabis, from the name of the strain to the flavor and the type of effects or highs. They can identify Indicas from Sativas, and anything in between. As an MC one can also recite numerous cannabis origins based on their labeling identifying their processing origins.  

In this course students will learn the foundations to all things cannabis from growing to the pointofsale.  As a cannasseur one must achieve not only providing the ultimate experience for the consumer they must also have the ability to maximize the potential revenue opportunities for the brand and business.   Cannasseur’s need to possess the appropriate knowledge, demonstration skills, and likability factors to earn the title of Master Cannasseur and to receive the Master Designation Pin and Diploma.  

In this online course student’s will cover the following topics:

  • Cannabis Plant Foundations 
  • Advanced Budtender Skills and Growing Tips
  • Master Cannasseur Communication  
  • Various Products, Origins and Importance of knowing your processors 
  • Tools of the Trade 
  • Terpenes 
  • Cannabis Sales and Marketing 
  • Recreational vs Medical Regulations in Washington State


  • $69.00
  • 250 Days