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Level 3: Introduction to Medical Cannabis Consulting 2024 (10-CEU)

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WAC 246-72-100 Continuing education (10-CEU) Online Course

Two of the 10 hours must be an education course offered by the department or WSLCB.

Intro to Medical Cannabis Consulting

Students will be covering the following study topics to become re-certified or to learn the basic duties of a MC Consultant.  This is an introductory course and is not the official 20-hour certification class.

  • State laws and rules relating to cannabis
  • Qualifying conditions and their common symptoms
  • Short- and long-term positive and negative effects of cannabinoids
  • Products that may benefit qualifying patients, based on the patient’s condition, any potential contraindications and the risks and benefits of various routes of administration
  • Risks and warning signs of overuse, abuse and addiction
  • Safe handling of products, including strategies to reduce access by minors
  • Ethics, customer privacy and rights

This course serves as a comprehensive refresher course covering all of the topic in the original certification course with up-to-date information on rules and regulations. To become certified students must take the full 20-hour course administered by our partner group and pay all applicable fees for testing and licensing to the department of health and to the certifying education program*


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  • 365 Days
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